My mission:

Provide you with concierge level service and attention to detail allowing for a seamless sales process from start to finish. 

It is my goal to ensure that whether you buy or sell with me, your experience is five star.  I will provide you with the necessary tools, connections, market data, and marketing to ensure that you feel comfortable and well informed from start to finish.  You come first, plain and simple.


With so many qualified real estate professionals in the Philadelphia suburbs to choose from, why me?

I’m Ali Jankowski (formerly Duloc).  I was born in Maine, grew up in Montgomery County, PA, have lived in Newark, DE, New York, NY, have spent the last 11 years in Bucks County, and now reside in Doylestown, PA.  My husband’s name is Matt, and we have three dogs:  Penelope, Murphy, and Gertrude.  I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2007 with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management.  

During my senior year of college, I was recruited by Marriott Hotels & Resorts.  I moved to New York post graduation and went through their management training program at the busy, often over-sold, and, at the time, neck-deep in a rooms renovation, Laguardia Airport Marriott.  On top of managing the housekeeping staff of roughly 60, learning how to get rooms turned over for new guests, providing customer service at check in, learning scheduling, and helping with payroll, I was also going through the rooms with punch lists and blue tape as the construction crews completed (or thought they had) their work.  I was affectionatley called “Old Eagle Eye” by my coworkers (and maybe not so affectionately by the contractors) due to my attention to detail.  After my training stint at Laguardia, I moved on to my permanent placement as Housekeeping Manager at the union-run Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, which was a massive 666 room hotel with over 120 housekeeping associates, and some of the highest guest satisfaction ratings in all of New York.  In order to remain number 1 in guest satisfaction for New York City, we had meetings every single week where we outlined what we were going to focus on to raise every guest’s perception of service.  Marriott is where I learned SERVICE.  Marriott knew that you could stay anywhere, but they wanted you to stay with them.  What was going to keep you coming back?  Service.

In 2009, I left New York City and moved back to Pennsylvania for a new job opportunity.  What started as running the food and beverage department at Jericho National Golf Club in New Hope, PA, transitioned into running the banquets and sales department while overseeing accounts payable (in the family business, you wear whatever hat you need to).  I learned about food costs, labor costs, operating expenses, managing people, constructing budgets, providing even more service, building relationships, executing events to client’s specifications and expectations, creating P&L statements, executing legal documents and addendums, starting and completing a website-build, and developing marketing plans to further enhance and grow the business.  While all of these eperiences in all the different facets of business were invaluable, my main takeaway was that service is the key ingrediet for success.

After several years at Jericho, I was confronted with an unbelievable opportunity:  running the sales and marketing for start-up, Blue Bell, PA winery, Karamoor Estate.  In the beginning staages of Karamoor, it was evident that no one had heard of it, and that Pennsylvania wines had a certain….stigma.  We didn’t have a tasting room and our website was just a shell, so our main sales strategy was wholesale to local restaurants & clubs.  It was cold-calling at its finest.  I got hung up on more times than I care to admit, but I believed in the product and its quality, and was determined to see the business succeed.  My determination is what lead to a year-long creative marketing campaign to the Union League of Philadelphia.  I started selling our wine to them for their new-member orientations, and I made sure that I was present at every single orientation just so that I would have a monthly reason to speak to the head sommelier and General Manager.  Persistence, service, and product support.  After nearly 12 new-member orientations, I closed the largest deal in Karamoor history.  We were brought on as Union League’s private label; poured in 1862, banquets, member events, and every other outlet.  After this deal, business began to grow exponentially.  We were featured in the Philadephia Inquirer and had a documentary done on us by WHYY.  It brought on the opportunity for another private label deal with AKA Hotels.  To further our growth, I completed another website; this time with a fully integrated sales platform so that we could sell directly to the general consumer.  I started a blog, we started a Wine Club, and we started hosting small groups at a cost per person that is normal in Napa but unheard of in Pennsylvania.  Do you know what made our experience worth the ticket price?  Quality and SERVICE.  Those two words are what we built Karamoor’s brand on.

I blinked and I had been at Karamoor for over six years.  I had been a witness, and an integral part of its growth:  from an idea to a business that had direction and merit.  I was, at the time, newly married; starting a brand new chapter in my personal life.  My husband is a successful wealth management advisor for Merrill Lynch, and I was in awe of the way that he and his business partner LIVED their business.  I saw what was possible when highly motivated and driven individuals are entirely responsible for their daily, weekly, and yearly success:  where the training wheels come off, there is no safety net, and the sky is the limit.  I was struggling internally because I WANTED THAT, but I also loved being a part of my family’s business.  If I was starting a new chapter in my personal life, maybe it was time to start a new professional chapter as well.

I’ve always been fascinated with real estate.  I was very lucky to have been involved in the buying and selling of properties all over the country for most of my life.  I’ve dealt with all kinds of agents from all different markets; some experiences good, some not so good.  What stuck out to me most, as I considered a career change to realtor more seriously, was that the agents that I’d had who’d been in the business the longest, didn’t necessarily leave me with the best overall satisfaction.  Experience is great and it can’t be taught, but was it necessary to have experience IN real estate?  Was I going to be marketable in this new career when my experience wasn’t with being a realtor, but building business, closing sales, and working with customers and clients?  As I thought about it even more, I came to the realization:  buying and selling real estate is a business transaction.  If it is a business transaction, then wouldn’t the skillset I’ve worked hard to sharpen over the last 11 years be an asset to potential clients?  In a climate that is driven by technology, immediate information, and service, doesn’t a business background make more sense than being a life-long realtor?  Wouldn’t a business perspective during the process be refreshing and welcome?  So, I took a leap and joined the ranks at Sotheby’s.  A top-shelf brokerage that has access to tremendous market reach and global brand recognition.  A top-shelf brokerage that normally doesn’t take first time realtors…and yet here I am.

I will work tirelessly for you.  I am young, tenacious, hungry, driven, well-connected, and professional.  I promise you will not be disappointed if you choose to work with me, because I will make it my mission to prove my worth through every step we take together.  If you think I could be a fit in helping you reach your real estate goals, then it would be my pleasure to work with you.  I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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